Blogging your online blogs are also a goldmine for marketing

Online blogs are also a goldmine for marketing your website online when they are used correctly.

The problem many people face though is that they do not use them in the proper way for promoting online.

Almost everyone has heard of online blogs at some time or another, but the biggest thing people will state to me when it comes to their online blogs is they don’t have any ideas for the content to provide on their online blogs.

The truth is that if they have been applying their other marketing techniques and methods online, they would realize that all the content for their online blogs has already been created. They just have to take the time to put it in place.

If you are not following us on this yet, you will in a second. You know all those articles that you write, those videos that you create and those press releases you submit? Guess what? Start placing portions of them on your online blogs.

Using this technique will help increase your relevancy with the search engines when you use your online blogs correctly with the work you have already done.

So many people get lost on how to use online blogs correctly, but it is a lot easier than you think.

To get started on using a blog with your marketing efforts, the first thing you need to do is create a blog that is designed specifically for marketing your website or product.

The reason you want a separate online blogs for marketing your website or product is because you are going to load that online blogs up with keywords and content that is relevant to your website. This will create relevancy on the search engines which is exactly what you want to do.

If you promote more than one product on a blog, your relevancy will drop dramatically and in turn it will be harder for people to find your online blogs online because your online blogs are no longer focused on just your primary website or product, This is like niche marketing.

There are several places online where you can create your online blogs for free. Again, this is no cost marketing that does work when you use it correctly. Two of the best places are Blogger and Blogs Arena for creating your online blogs.

Blogs Arena

To create your online blogs, you will first need to create an account with the blog site you wish to use.

When creating your blog, you will have to create a name for your blog. When you do this, you will want to use or include a keyword that will be relevant to the website or product.

For example…                                                                                              satherd 03 181x300 Blogging your online blogs are also a goldmine for marketing

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In fact everywhere you are able to insert information when creating your blog, you should load it with keywords and descriptions that are targeted to your website or product.

Once you have your online blogs setup, you will then want to add relevant content to your online blogs which you will be able to do with just a few clicks.

Whether you realize it or not… the content for your online blogs has already been created, if you ever used articles for marketing or any other your own information about your website or product.

Placing Articles On Your online Blogs
To begin with, pull up one of your articles that you have written and have already submitted to the article hubs. If you have not written any articles yet, then just take notes so you will know exactly how to do this once you start writing and submitting articles.

Once you have pulled up one of your articles, you will now post part of your article on your blog. You do not want to publish the entire article on your online blogs, only a paragraph or two.

Then right below the portion of your article you are placing on your blog, you will add the following…

“To view the full article visit the link below”

Then include a link to where the article hub where the full article is published.

Next, add the following…

“To learn more about visit my website below”

Then include your website link.

This type of marketing technique when used on blogs becomes very powerful and can help increase your search engine rankings quickly, which in turn will generate traffic to your website allowing you to produce more sales.

You will want to repeat this process for every article that you create.

Placing Your Videos On Your online Blogs
Now you will follow the same steps to place your videos that you have uploaded to your video sites using the same format, with just a few minor differences. This is also very simple to do.

To start off with, go to one of your video accounts where you have already uploaded your videos. If you have not created any videos yet, please take notes so you know how to do this once you do start placing videos on these sites as soon as possible.

Once you are logged into one of your video accounts, go to your videos you have uploaded into your account.

This will bring up all the videos that you have uploaded on to your account.

Next, click on the title of the video you wish to add to your blog. When you click on the title, the video will usually appear on your screen along with a couple of html codes which are usually on the right side of the video. One of these html codes is usually an “Embed” code.

You will want to copy the html code that is listed as the “Embed” code next to your video. Once you have copied the code, we are now going to post it on to our online blogs.

Once you have published one of your videos to your blog, then include the following right below it…

“To learn more about visit my website below”

Then include your website link.

The main thing to remember is that creating online blogs content is simple if you have been applying your other online marketing skills correctly.

Then it’s just a matter of taking a few minutes to put portions of your other marketing efforts on to your online blogs to increase your search engine rankings.

Pinging Your online blogs
One thing that you will always want to do every time you add new content to your blog is “Ping” it. This notifies the search engines that you have made changes to your online blogs.

To do this only requires a couple steps.

First you will want to go to Ping-O-Matic which is listed right below.


Once you get to their website, you will fill in your blog name and the web address to your blog home page. This url is listed right in your blog account if you have forgotten it.

Next click on “Check Common” which is listed right next to “Services To Ping”, and that will fill in the proper check marks. Then click on the “Send Pings” button and you are done. You have now pinged your blog. This way Ping your all online blogs.

Remember that your online blogs can play an important part of your marketing efforts when promoting your website or product when you use it correctly. By crosslinking your articles and your videos to your online blogs it connects everything together in one location and should be loaded with relevancy.

Also keep in mind that you should add original content to your online blogs on a weekly basis. It doesn’t have to be anything major, just a few original paragraphs about your website or product, that includes several relevant keywords and of course your website link.

Search engines love original and fresh content and that is why it should be done often. Every time you add original content, make sure you also take the time to ping all of your online blogs.

I have put a separate page on my blog about how to ping your online blogs automatically, please look in to it for more information.

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