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Article Marketing, Now most people have heard of article marketing, and one of the biggest comments that we constantly hear is that article marketing doesn’t work that well.

While article marketing does work, the problem is that most people use article marketing incorrectly. For example, if you use something incorrectly then how can you expect it to work?

The key to article marketing is to use it correctly in your marketing efforts. Article marketing should be used consistently when promoting online as it can produce a ton of traffic.

When using article marketing correctly in your marketing efforts, you will want to target specific keywords that are relevant to your website niche. In fact, you will almost want to follow the same rules of relevancy that you would with a pay per click campaign. Meaning you would include keywords within your articles that are relevant to building an income.

Even though this sounds pretty simple, you still want to pay attention to what you are doing otherwise you will not generate the results that you are hoping for from your article marketing.

For instance, when promoting your website through Article Marketing , you would want to build a keyword group that is relevant. For instance…

home income
home income opportunities
home business income
work from home income
work at home income

Now in this example we would then design an article around these keywords to create relevancy. This way when somebody types these keywords into Google or Yahoo because they are searching for a way to produce an income from home, your article would be relevant to the search this is important when doing Article Marketing.

The more articles you create that are focused around your keywords, the more chances you have in showing up on search engines when people are searching online. Good way to do Article Marketing.

Article Marketing,When you think about it, it really is a simple concept.

Keep this in mind too – Even if you have never written an article before, creating articles is a lot easier than you think. Everyone has the skills to write an article if they really want to.

When doing Article Marketing, Some of the basics that you want to cover in your articles are things you were taught back in the 5th grade. You always want to cover your main topics so your articles actually provide content that make sense. That means you want to try and cover the basics which includes the following.

& How

When Article Marketing, it comes to actually writing an article regarding your niche, there are plenty of topics that you can write about. Just to give you a few ideas on article topics we have included a short list to help get the wheels turning in your head.

You can write about your website niche general for Article Marketing
You can write about the benefits that you provides
You can write about your personal views about your niche
You can write about your personal experience with your niche

As you can see when it comes to creating topics about your niche market, it really isn’t as complicated as many people think it is. In fact the list is truly endless on the many different topics you can create regarding your niche when you promote online.

When it comes to writing articles, remember to always keep it simple and keep your articles relatively short. A good rule of thumb is to keep your articles to about 3 to 5 paragraphs in length with about 500 to 600 words per article.

You do not want your articles too long. In fact, many article hubs that you will be submitting your articles to will not publish your articles at all if your article contains more than 800 to 1,000 words.

Remember: Even though your want your articles to be worthy of reading, your main focus is to fill them with relevant keywords that point back to your Niche website link. Also, you do not need to be an English professor when writing your articles. Write them in your style of writing and try to sound like a human being in them.

Again… a very simple concept when you break it down step by step when doing Article Marketing.

To begin with, you’ll write an article discussing a specific topic regarding your niche. Next, make sure your article contains several keywords relating to our system. Finally, you’ll publish your article to multiple articles hubs that post your article online for others to read.

Now here is where your website link comes into the picture. Once you have submitted your article to an article hub, you will also be able to include a signature file that is displayed with the article. In that signature file you include your website link just as you would with a forum signature.

This way when people read your article, they will be able to click your link at the bottom of the article to find out more about our system.

Again… when promoting online through Article Marketing you should create at least 2 or 3 articles a week to post online to article hubs. This is free advertising and it doesn’t cost you a penny, but it will take you some time. However, if you do it correctly it will produce a lot of traffic. The more traffic you receive, the more sales you will generate.

Another rule of thumb to always follow when writing articles is not to make your article a complete sales pitch. Make them interesting and worth reading.

Once you have created an article and you are ready to post it online, all you have to do is submit it to the article hubs.

Below you will find a small list of article hubs that will allow you to post your articles for free for your article marketing campaign.

Article Monster

Articles America Allthesites 300x213 Drive Traffic Through Article Marketing

Article City

Article Digger

Article Dashboard

Article Frenzy

Article Splash

Article Tower

Article Explosion

Big Articles

Content Articles

eArticles Online

Everyday Articles

Ezine Articles

Ezines Articles

Free Article Zone

Go Articles

Just Articles Online

My Article Mall

One Stop Articles

Positive Articles

Rhino articles


For massive distribution of your articles, you can also use online services to submit your articles for you. One of the best services that we have found online as an online article submission service is “My Article Network” which allows you to submit an unlimited amount of articles. They even offer step by step guides on how to use their services. This is one service that you will want to seriously consider when using article marketing.

To find out more about “My Article Network” and their services, you can visit their website below:

More Articles you submit to these article website more website traffic you will get, this is what you get from
Article Marketing.

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