How to do pay per click advertising

pay per click advertising can boost your business profit:

When it comes to pay per click advertising, most people just use the majors. People often don’t tend to venture far past
AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and maybe now MSN adCenter.

This makes sense because they have the highest traffic volume. Unfortunately due to their popularity, they also
have the most competition. So you’ll be paying more per click as a result.

Here’s a quick example.

For the keyword “mortgage” you’ll be paying around $15 a click at Google AdWords to get the number 1 spot. However,
the same term on 7search (one of my favorite smaller PPC companies) is only around $1. Because it’s a popular search
term you’ll still get some decent volume, but at 1/15th of the cost.

It’s usually at this point you should be asking me about the quality of the traffic and how well it converts. If you’re
not asking that, you should be.

You can get all the cheap clicks you like, but unless it’s converting you may as well be flushing your money down the
toilet. Before you sign up for any new pay per click advertising campaign you need to find out where the traffic
comes from and if that traffic is legit.

For example, many PPC companies will buy traffic from unscrupulous sources like “get paid to click” companies or
even worse from some sort of malware software company (think spyware or start page hijacking).

This is traffic will never convert and is simply a waste of money and bandwidth. You should be avoiding it like the plague.

Now I certainly don’t mean to put you off buying traffic from smaller PPC sources. There are some good ones out
there. You just have to know what you are looking for.

Here is a quick checklist before you sign up for pay per click advertising.

1) Investigate where the traffic is coming from before you
sign up. Traffic generated from search engines generally                                            holiday How to do pay per click advertising
convert best.

2) Send them an email and see how responsive their support
is. You might need this to ask for refund requests.

3) If they have the facility to show keyword bid prices,
check them against some common keywords like mortgage. They
should at least be 20 cents or more. If they are, you know
that others must be converting the traffic otherwise they
probably wouldn’t be paying that much for each click. Steer
clear of ones that are only a few cents for very popular

4) Ideally use some click fraud tracking software to monitor
the quality of the traffic that is being sent.

It’s at about this point that people ask me which ones I use and recommend.

Well, other than the majors, I have two pay per click advertising favorites that I recommend yo,

include in your pay per click advertising, marketing bag of tricks.

1) – While they don’t have the same volume as
AdWords, their traffic quality I believe is just as high.
Because their traffic is way cheaper, your ROI tends to be
better. Highly recommended.

2) – My second favorite 2-tier pay per click advertising flat form.Traffic quality is good, which in turn provides
decent ROI. They also do geo-targeting pay per click advertising if you are looking for exposure in specific countries, Recommended.

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