Income Opportunity into a full time income just by sharing our amazing RevUp31 natural supplements with others!

Income Opportunity into a full time income! revup31 Income Opportunity into a full time income just by sharing our amazing RevUp31 natural supplements with others!

But I’m no longer promoting RevUp31 income opportunity, why you ask? , this is because I found a Niche marketing business guide where you will learn exactly what other big internet niche marketing gurus do to make money online! This is not only guide to learn and wait this is full action plan where you will have your own income opportunity where you are paid directly without waiting the company to pay your commission! If you like to check it out please go here: Niche marketing income opportunity.

Let us show you how to turn this Income opportunity into a full time income opportunity just by sharing our amazing RevUp31 natural supplements with others!

Here at RevUp31 we got so excited about the huge demand for our amazing nutritional supplements containing Resveratrol, that we thought to ourselves…

Then we took it a few steps further to have your own income opportunity..

What if we could create an entire Team, a sales force, each with their own independent business, whether that be at home or in a retail space, and provide them with web sites, merchant accounts for taking sales, product distribution, additional sales tools like brochures, pamphlets, corporate hosted conference calls, 24/7 support for their customers, and more in to your Income Opportunity!

Of course each team member is rewarded handsomely for their efforts. But… we took that notion a step further too! What if we not only rewarded the individual team member for their personal sales activity, but also rewarded them for creating their own successful team of independent associates who are also promoting RevUp31 Income Opportunity!

Talk about a Win Win Win!! You win, we win, and your personal team wins in this Income Opportunity.

Now with any new business plan, “Getting Into Profit” is the primary goal. At least that was OUR primary plan when we created and launched the RevUp31 Home Business Opportunity. And we’re pretty certain it would be your goal as well if you were to “Make Bring the Fresh Your Income Opportunity”.

Quick Cash Bonus

Whether you are out there promoting RevUp31 in person or actively advertising your personal web site, YOU are doing the work. Therefore, YOU need to be rewarded the most for your efforts.

In a daring move that has been shaking things up a bit in the Home Business Industry, RevUp31 has decided to give YOU ALL of the commissions for each new Introductory Order that you generate! That’s right, YOU get 100% of the total commissions available, which is a whopping 50% of the product sale! What a fantastic way to kick start your Income Opportunity business!

Profit-share Plan

After the initial Introductory Order, and your members begin to order month after month, that additional sales volume goes into our Profit-share Plan. This plan allows YOU to work together as a Team Player with hundreds to thousands of other Members, all getting a massive share of the pie!Great Income opportunity for all Members.


Logically we needed a way to make this Profit-share Plan work fairly and efficiently. Our answer – a 3 x 7 Forced Matrix! Now, if you don’t have a clue what that means, don’t worry about it! Simply put, a 3 x 7 Forced Matrix is a structure, or a way of determining where incoming sales volume is placed below you so that you can earn commissions on it.

A 3 x 7 Forced Matrix has 7 levels and it starts on level 1 (right under you) with 3 open positions. Once those 3 positions are filled, the next sale gets placed on your 2nd level which has 9 positions. Once those 9 positions get filled the next sale goes on your 3rd level which has 27 positions. This pattern flows all the way down to your 7th level. Please see the details below for how much you earn per person per level.

A 3 x 7 Forced Matrix also gives you the benefit of something called “Spillover”. Spillover is the effect of getting people placed below you in your 3 x 7 Matrix by other members who are above you. When you joined RevUp31 you were placed in your sponsor’s 3 x 7 Matrix. You are building your 3 x 7 Matrix within theirs. And as they continue working to fill their matrix and maximize their earnings, their incoming sales end up being placed in YOUR Matrix! This is “Spillover!”Great way to make additional money from This awesome Income opportunity.


Matrix Matching Bonuses

So there are thousands of people that can go into your 3 x 7 Matrix. How would you like to MATCH a PERCENTAGE of the MATRIX INCOME of everyone you personally introduced to RevUp31!Income Opportunity that You can grow!

Let’s say you referred Bob. Every time Bob gets paid Matrix commissions YOU can get a percentage of whatever he earned! Talk about EASY MONEY!

But you KNOW we had to take things a few steps further, didn’t you! How would you like to match a percentage of the Matrix income earned by the members who Bob introduced to RevUp31? Well, that’s exactly what you can do! And it doesn’t stop there! You can even match a percentage of the Matrix commissions earned by Bob’s personals personals! And their personals! And their personals! YOU can match a percentage of the Matrix income earned 6 “generations” below you. Now that’s POWERFUL!

To help clarify that, Bob is YOUR personal member so he is your 1st generation.

Please see the details below for matching percentages per generation.


FREE Profit Centers!

We told you our goal was to help you get your RevUp31 Home Business into profit fast, right? So how about we add some FREE Profit Centers to your business!

Remember back a few minutes when you were reading about the 3 x 7 Matrix and how it has 3 positions on your first level, 9 on your second level, 27 on your 3rd, and so on? And we said each position filled represents a product sale AND you make a flat commission amount based on which level in your Matrix that position gets placed. Well…

FREE Profit Centers are additional positions that we insert into your 3 x 7 Matrix every time a new position is filled in your Matrix as a result of another product sale! Your make money on these FREE Profit Positions just as if they were an actual new product sale!

Please see the details below for FREE Profit Center qualification requirements.

Leadership Bonuses

Leadership Bonuses are here to reward the Leaders on our RevUp31 Team. To become a “Leader” in anything requires the individual to go the extra mile, to put in above average effort, and to show strong determination and desire. YOU can become our next Leader in Revup31 Income Opportunity!

There are 2 Leader Bonuses, Diamond and Double Diamond. A total of 1% of monthly commission-able sales volume is assigned to these two Bonuses, and the Bonuses are paid quarterly throughout the year.

The qualification requirements are simply that you are Diamond or Double Diamond status for an entire calendar month. For every month that you maintain your required status, you lock in a Leadership Bonus for the month Income opportunity.

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