Increase your Blog Traffic by using the Twitter the Right way!

Increase your Blog Traffic

First off if you have not yet joined Twitter you MUST do so right away, go.. NOW!!
Twitter is a social networking site and is perhaps best described as a micro blogging tool.          traffic generation Increase your Blog Traffic by using the Twitter the Right way!
You basically keep writing small posts to your account that are no longer than 140
characters long, these posts are called ‘Tweets’
You get traffic from Twitter as in your profile you can enter your website address
for people to click on, you can also write a short bio about yourself for people to read about you and your blog to get more blog traffic.
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When getting blog traffic , The trick with Twitter, well actually with any social networking site you use is NOT
TO SELL !! I’ll say that again, do NOT get yourself a Twitter account and start
posting affiliate links all over the place. No one is interested, people don’t visit
Twitter with the intention of buying so don’t be the clown that tries to make them.
What you do however use Twitter for is to build relationships with others and get
them to know the ‘real’ you. You have to understand that to people on the
internet who have never layed eyes on you in person, you are just another
individual. Use the power of Twitter and let them see what the real you is all
about ! good way to brand your self and get more blog traffic .

As a member you want to gain followers as it is your followers that see your posts

in the home page area to get more blog traffic .

I have a little trick to getting followers when you start out.
You want to start off by finding people within your niche and follow them, for
example if you are in the ‘Make money online’ niche you should follow me here -

Then you can go through and check out the people that are following me or
whoever it is you are following. Obviously those that are following whomever you
just followed will be in the same niche so you may wish to follow them also.

So you basically want to go around and follow some people that are in your niche market

and the principle being that most will in turn follow you back !good way to increase your blog traffic .

Twitter has recently set limits on the amount of people you can follow in relation
to how many followers you have so what you will need to do is to unfollow those
that do not follow you back after so long, say 7 days from when you follow them.
So how do you get people from Twitter to actually click your profile link and visit
your site ??
When getting blog traffic, Well my answer…. By being YOU !
Post helpful stuff….

Post links to other people stuff if it is of value….
Ask questions….
Add some humor, if you happen to be doing something funny tweet it and make
others laugh….
Get people to engage with you in conversation !! This one is a biggy for me and I
believe this is the key to Twitter Traffic, ask questions… Answer other peoples
questions. If you read a tweet of someone else’s that you like reply to them !
Don’t be shy, get involved !!good way to get more blog traffic .
I’ll give you a funny one…..
I recently invested in a Blackberry mobile phone and its ace for Twittering. So one
day I’m in the chip shop waiting to be served but this was a long queue !!
So I post on my Twitter account a question – “What should I get, chips or kebab”
I kid you not within 2 minutes and before I reached the till to order I had 3 or 4
replies !
Funny enough they all said to go with kebab and all the trimmings and thats what
I did… ( To this day I blame you people for my love of junk food.. you know who
you are ! ) he he he
But that’s the power of Twitter that I’m talking about, not just asking people food
choices icon smile Increase your Blog Traffic by using the Twitter the Right way! but the way you all interact with each other !!

One last thing on the Twitter method to get blog traffic ….

You can also post pictures to Twitter, this however is done through Twitpic. You
simply visit to upload any pictures you wish to post. You log
into Twitpic just with your Twitter account details.,
What happens when you upload an image is they automatically tweet the link to
your pic and your comment into your Twitter account so people can click to view it!

There are some free tools that you can use with Twitter but rather than discuss those

here please join my Newsletter where I will share new tools and methods to increase

your website traffic blog traffic and new Real Money making methods, where those gurus are not sharing with you!

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