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Content Marketing :

Here is my personal experience with content marketing, Actually Fresh content to your website means more traffic, also if you are targeting your primary keyword every time you post content to your blog, it will give your website SEO boost from every search engine.

Search engines need fresh keyword targeted content ( Person who search on their search website, like google, bing for content about  specific word ) search engine robots will look for keyword targeted content with other factors like , website activity, back links, key word density, content uniqueness and fresh of the content and present them to their client.That means you have to provide relevant content to your main keyword as possible as you can to take ranking from SEO. Relevant content is mainly important in Content Marketing.

I’m currently building back links to my website and it is now paying off to me, I’m getting results from this, but do natural way not from a software or robot, ( that even OK if you can control how many back links per day you are accepting to your web site.

Content Marketing or Internet marketing is difficult today because too much competition and also search engines always change their search algorithm. How ever one thing always regarded is the quality and the fresh content. search engines love quality new fresh content. So basically after putting all these jargon you still can come above other websites if you provide quality fresh content.
You can outsource your content building to a professional writer, but expensive! for now I’m writing content to my website and if I finds a good cheap professional writer I will post here. If you can join my newsletter I always up date my own work to my website, so you can immediately get new tips to SEO your website.

Content Marketing or Internet marketing is more getting tougher, nowadays every company try to win their share from Search engines to give their business exposure, so today not only search engines, you have to deal with these companies to get your primary keyword to give it necessary boost!

For this I always think that first when you are choosing your niche, you should choose your primary key word and use this key word in your domain and in your title,description and in your website page.

You have real chance to out come other companies from this

Content Marketing method alone.addressbook My Personal Experience about Content Marketing

every time when you are searching for a niche also search for the domain is left over to buy for you. Also to my experience you should only buy com, org, net and country specific domain extension. these are getting high value from google.
Always remember to use your primary keyword here and their on your website to get boosting from search engines and get rank and keep the rank their.It is also useful when you are content Marketing on your website.

I’m also testing these Content Marketing methods my self and I will update you how I’m doing with these methods on my website. I’m also little new to Internet marketing and learning new methods to keep my website clean and get SEO boost to my website.

Also almost forgot to mention, always use 400 words and up Recommended (560 )words to your new posts in your website. This is the Way to do content marketing.

Great Day God Bless!

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