OnlyWire - How to use OnlyWire 2.0

OnlyWire – How to use OnlyWire 2.0

A basic video on how to sign up and use OnlyWire 2.0

Any body trying to post their content manually to all book marking websites they have to put more than 10 to 20 hours manual work,
for this reason you can use onlywire to do all of this work automatically. Also you can use onlywire to bookmark your website automatically on social media web sites automatically! Think how many hours you will save from this o program!

also this content distribution will improve your website google ranking!

using this tool I have got my website listed on Google within 48 hours and it helped me to get more followers to my website.

Also I got twitter followers automatically. This way you can promote your website freely on more than 40 social media websites at once without any manual work from you other than First social media website signup and setting up your onlywire account to publish your content automatically.

Any blogger can use OnlyWire to get their content published at once to many social media websites and book mark their website.

OnlyWire is a very good Free tool for publishing your content!    OnlyWire   How to use OnlyWire 2.0

Currently my favorite content distribution tool is the onlywire program.

Automate Social Bookmarking Using The Onlywire WordPress Button.

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3 Responses to “OnlyWire - How to use OnlyWire 2.0 ”

  1. Dan says:

    Anusha, How do I get it running on windows? I am having a lot of trouble getting onlywire to go through the captchas?
    Thanks Anusha

  2. admin says:


    Thanks for contacting me,
    I think you have to uninstall the plugin and restart the computer, then download the onlywire plugin again from their website, install it and let it run for the first time, check whether the onlywire plugin working and click authorize accounts from the options in the plugin by right clinking it and if it doesn’t check or what ever maybe you need to check your fire wall settings and let the onlywire plugin to access the internet! but now they have have a paid onlywire service that let you decaptcha the codes automatically with out you having to do anything, also check whether your social network accounts properly set in your onlywire members back office, you need to enter your social network account log in details for the plugin to work. I hope this will work for you. Have a great day!
    Thank you,

  3. Yeah we love Onlywire, its great.
    What do you think of Socialadr, is it better?

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