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Press Releases, Once you have started writing articles to promote your website, you will then want to also create some press releases.

To create press releases will only take a few minutes, in fact most of your work is already done. All you really need to do is rework your articles into a press release format. For tips and formats that you should follow in creating press releases, just take a minute and visit the Press Release Newswire at the link below.

When you go to the Press Releases Newswire, it will explain to you exactly how a press release should be formatted so newswire services and press hubs will accept your press releases when you go to publish them.

Remember, press releases are news announcements, they are not an article and should not be written as an article.

This is why you will want to take the time to rework your articles, so they will fit the press release format. Articles can be news, opinions, sales pitches, etc. – this is not the format for a press release.

Maintain your content within your articles and just format them to fit the Press Releases Newswire guidelines.

Press releases should be used when marketing online to promote your website. Press releases get picked up on a daily basis by thousands of sites and news rooms and can generate massive traffic to your website link very quickly.

Once you have reworked your articles into a press releases format, you will then want to submit them as press releases online. There are a couple ways to submit your press releases when you are ready.

The first way to submit your press releases is to do it manually by going to each press releases website and submit them yourself. The second way is to use a service to submit your press releases to several newswires all at once.

To manually submit your press releases, just visit some of the press releases websites below. Some of these sites will require you to create an account, while others will let you submit your Press Releases without an account.

Make sure you submit your press releases to as many newswires as possible as it will increase the amount of traffic you receive from your press releases being published.                                                     credit 300x58 Promote your website through Press Releases

Another way of submitting your press releases to multiple sites at one time is to use a service to submit them for you. One such service is available right online through PRWeb Press Release Newswire. To find out more about their services just visit the link below.

By using your Articles to many Press Releases websites, will increase targeted traffic to your website. I Hope you will find this information useful to your marketing arsenal. Please do remember to format your Articles to Press Releases as mention above and publish your Press Releases manually or by using for paid method,
for publishing your Press Releases if you are busy marketer.

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