The Get Rich Quick Myth

Online Get Rich Quick Myth:

The phrase “Get Rich Quick” gets a bad wrap because it is usually associated with scams and unrealistic opportunities and shady schemes. And we all know there are far too many of those.

But I am going to propose to you that in the true sense of the wording

“get rich quick” … there is actually no better way to get rich than as quickly as possible. In fact, the quicker you accumulate wealth – the richer you will be. It’s just basic math.

The speed at which you accumulate money is a huge part of the measure of how wealthy you are.
All successful Internet marketing gurus eventually get to a moment of windfall – which ultimately is what gives them the exponential power to create more wealth. This is what makes the turning point in their careers – having a large amount of cash available at once – or within a relatively shorter amount of time than usual. Windfalls are good.
Let me give you a simple, yet crude example of this economic principle.

Which is better?…If you saved $10,000 per year for 10 years, or if you had an extra $100,000 in savings now.
Some would say it is the same because 10,000 in 10 years is still 100k. But I say it is NOT the same. Those 10 years reduce the value of having that 100k all at once.
In my town, I could take the $100,000 and put it to work for me and make MUCH more than I could waiting for it to accumulate. Waiting costs me TIME – and TIME is money. newimage 300x98 The Get Rich Quick Myth

Money is like a snowball..the more you have the more it can create more money exponentially.
$100K down on a house in my town could buy me enough time to fix up a house and flip it for a big profit in 12 months. So don’t let anyone sell you that ridiculous phrase “hey $1000 is a $1000” … unless they compare it to a specific length of time.

So unless your business eventually develops something that will grow exponentially, it is not really anymore successful than your regular 9 to 5 job is. Like the snowball, money can take on a life of its own and grow out of control once you get it going, but it is not

Get Rich Quick.

This is the level of success you can have if you apply the principles and techniques used by the successful online marketing gurus. So plan on creating wealth that will get bigger than you are in time, it is not Get Rich Quick .

Just waiting to get in to magic of Get Rich Quick, is waste of your time and money! This is important to understand that,
when you choose Internet as your Money making venture, it also like in offline world business, in most ways, only different is you can choose which time to work and when to stop and how to do your work with out any binding contract. You have the freedom to choose which program to choose and market online. Remember you always need to market your business to get in to profit! Get Rich Quick is just a myth that gurus are using to sell their products to customers for profit.

The Get Rich Quick is always a myth until you make real wealth online, for this you must work towards it.

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