Using Online Classified Ads to get traffic

Online Classified Ads for getting Targeted visitors to your website:

Online Classified ads are simple to use and only take a few minutes to place. They can also generate a lot of traffic to your website if you use them consistently. Yes it means using Online Classified Ads regularly to get noticed by visitors who come to

Online Classified Ads websites daily.

There are two major keys to placing online classified ads when promoting online. These keys are your online classified Ads headline and your online classified ads description.

When marketing any affiliate program, you want to make sure that you use as many online classified Ads sites as you can.

First: Online Classified Ads Headline,

When people look through Online classified ads, your headline has to grab their attention immediately. If your headline doesn’t grab their attention, the average person will not click on your headline to actually read or see your ad.

To use Online classified ads effectively you should create several different headlines so that your ad headlines are not duplicated when posting your ads to the classified sites.

And always remember to design a headline that will grab people’s attention!

Second: Online Classified Ads:  Ad Body

Once a person sees your ad headline and they decide to click on your ad, your number one goal is to get them to respond to it – That’s It! Never try to sell within your ad – PERIOD! Your ad should only build excitement to where they want to see more. This will get them to click on your website link within the ad which is exactly what you want to accomplish.

For your Online Classified Ads bodies, you will always want several ads to avoid duplication when placing your ads on the

Online Classified Ads sites. Almost every Online Classified Ads site will not allow a duplicate ad within a 5 to 7 day period.

By using online classified ads in this manner, you will end up with more traffic and sales in your marketing efforts.

Placing Online Classified Ads can be time consuming, but they can also be very effective. Here’s the bottom line – the more ads you place, the more traffic and sales you will generate with your website, when marketing online.

This is why you want to continually market and promote with Online Classified Ads if you are only using online methods to promote your website.

Once you have your classified content built, you can easily place over 100 different classifieds daily in under a 3 hour total time period. Take 30 to 40 minutes and place 30 to 40 ads in the morning, then do the same in the afternoon and at night. Mix and match your ads, so no ad is exactly the same.

Online Classified Ads Sources That Pull Traffic:

Below is a list of Online Classified Ads sources where you can submit your Online Classified Ads. Always remember to follow their guidelines, do not place duplicate ads.

When placing classified ads online, be sure to always place your ad in its proper category. For Business website, appropriate categories would include business opportunities, work from home, services, etc.

There are hundreds of Online Classified Ads sites that you are able to post ads on, use as many as you are able to. Below are a few highly ranked Online Classified Ads that are searched heavily to get you started.

Backpage Classifieds                                                    stand 300x229 Using Online Classified Ads to get traffic
Kijiji Classifieds
US Free Ads
AdLandPro Classifieds
City News
Recycler Classifieds
Free Ads City

Always remember to use Online Classified Ads consistently to get Traffic to your website!

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