Video marketing, the hottest thing on the web right now!

Video marketing :

Unless your living in a box somewhere away from any human contact I’m sure I
dont have to tell you that video’s hold some serious power online right now and               traffic Video marketing, the hottest thing on the web right now!
will do for some time.
That my friend is exactly why you should be using video’s in your traffic tactics
right now. Firstly let me explain a little more about the power video has for you.
When you are a marketer selling online your potential customers dont really have
a clue who you are and what you are all about. Sure with the value you offer to
them with your products and advice they may build a relationship with you but
only to a certain level. But not with the Video marketing

Video marketing changes all that and takes everything to the next level.

Now your potential customers can really get to know the real you and actually see who you are !
No longer are you the one who sends that email, you become that person ‘behind’
the email. People can now see exactly who you are, what you look like and what you sound like.
So what happens when people get to ‘Know you’ ?
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They begin to trust you….
When they trust you, they listen to you ….
And when they listen to you ….
They BUY from you …. $$$$$
So as you can see the power that video holds to an internet marketer with an
online business is not just a case of generating traffic but a whole lot more.
However I am here right now to show you how to get traffic so with that said let
me share some tricks with you.

As you know I have put video marketing into this section in this guide of tactics I
will soon be cranking up and using in my business, however I have done a little
video marketing already using Youtube.
So why have I put video into this section ?
Quite frankly its because there is a whole life of video marketing outside of
Youtube ! !
There are many other video sites that you should be submitting your video’s to in
order to get maximum exposure and that is why it is in this section. To date I
have made only 1 video that I added to Youtube ( To be honest the quality is
VERY poor too as I didnt fully know what I was doing at that time .. lol )
I have compiled a short list of the top video submission sites for you to submit
your video’s to, all of these sites have a good Google pagerank and therefore
have a good traffic flow -

From my experience with video marketing on Youtube, I would like to give you a KILLER tip that you

should implement in your video tactics. This was taught to me by the ‘Video

Marketing Queen’ herself – Maria Andros !

Most of the Youtube users fail to implement this simple strategy, use it and you
are already ahead of most the competition ….on video marketing
When you submit a video to Youtube you can fill in various sections, in particular
the ‘Video description’. When entering your video description you should always
start with your website url. However do not just start with www. Start with http://

This now makes your website url a clickable link that is displayed on the video’s
page at the start of the description !!
What does this mean …..
More Traffic !!!
Thats a great tip so remember to always do that anytime you submit a new video.
You can and should also use video to brand yourself, I suggest you do this by
having a short intro that goes on the start of all your Video’s and also at the end.
This would also be best if you have your own theme music to accompany it.
By doing this every one of your video’s become recognizable to you and your
business from the very beginning.
You could either do this yourself or outsource the task to a professional on
somewhere like Elance or Rentacoder.
There is also a free resource you can use that will add your video’s to many of the
above sites for you making it real quick and simple !

Well folks there you have it !!

You Have to do little work first to get more passive traffic regularly to your blog or website. When you gradually uploading your videos you are making your own video marketing empire.

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